Rooted Kids is a vital part of helping children and families learn more about who God is and what He is like. 

Rooted Kids is a safe, caring, and fun experience for your children. You will begin your Sunday experience here at CRBC together in the auditorium for worship and announcements and then you will be asked to take your children downstairs to enjoy their very own programs. Please be sure to sign your children in at the Children's Ministry kiosks in the foyer. If you have any questions, ask Leora or any of our staff members. They will be happy to direct you and answer any questions you may have. So glad you've joined us!!


“MOVE UP” Sunday

On August 28th, we will have “Move Up” Sunday.

“Move Up” Sunday is where our preschool and elementary students move up to their next age or grade level. Children who are starting kindergarten in September will move to the Elm and students who are going into grade 6 will 'graduate' from Rooted Kids.   

Our Groups for Rooted Kids are as follows: 

  • Seedlings - Babies & Crawlers (ages 0-2)
  • Saplings 2-3 year old room
  • Saplings 4-5 year old room
  • The Elm - Kinder - Grade 5