PowerHouse will not be running for the 2022/23 school year

Pioneer Girls may run

(if we have a minimum of 10 registrations and volunteers to help run it) 

What is Pioneer Girls? Pioneer Girls is a program that we have offered at CRBC for 25+ years.  Pioneer Girls is for girls in grade 2 to grade 6.  Each week this Christ-centered program integrates spiritual and personal development to help girls build healthy relationships with caring Christian adults, peers, and, most importantly, Christ.  They work on Bible Memory, Bible Lessons, and Activities where they learn skills, such as sewing, first aid, music, hiking, woodworking and so much more.  Pioneer Girls is led by Ann Allen. 

Cost for Pioneer Girls: $25 per child.  An extra cost is needed for the activity book.

Questions - contact Children's Director Leora Sawatzky [email protected]