Luke 15:1-10

That desperate urgent feeling we have when we lose something and look under every pile is the same urgency with which we should be searching for lost people. And the joy we experience when we find the lost thing is the joy to look forward to when lost people are found. That shouldn’t make us feel bad and cause us to feel jealous as if God doesn’t have enough love for both them and for us. He is love. He has lots of it. He has an infinite supply of love.

His purpose for us while we are on this earth is to be his instruments to bring lost people into his kingdom. Our Heavenly Father did not send his Son to die so all the found people could gather and party. He has called us to be a part of his great rescue mission. That is why the church is here. That is what we are about. 

All our energies, our time, talents and gifts, and our financial resources must be used to those ends. That is God’s heart. He wants to shake us up and make us feel uncomfortable so our hearts would begin to beat in rhythm with his. His desire for us is that we would search for lost people who need Jesus with that same kind of urgency we feel when we are searching for something we've lost.