Next Steps

What kind of church is CRBC?

We are a very diverse church, made up of all sorts of people.  People who are new to church, coming back to church, and some who have been to church for a long time.  What we all have in common is that we are all seeking to experience and know God.  Many of us have more questions than we have answers, but we seek to be a community where those questions are welcomed, and people can learn, and then apply what they have learned to their lives.  If you don’t quite have it all figured out yet that is great!  Everyone is welcome.

How do I get Connected at CRBC?

There are many ways to get connected and meet people at CRBC. 

Visit our welcome kiosk on Sunday Morning, or have a deeper look at our website for events/ministries that suit your needs.


Growth Group - It is in a Growth Groups you will find community and grow with a small group of people just like you. Email Ruthie Germo for more info: [email protected]


This link will bring you to all our Children's Ministry events happening weekly & in the Summer!

Youth & Young Adults

Youth Group -

Young Adults -


Young at Heart - 


woman2woman - 

Lastly, you can serve in one of our service groups (children’s ministry, youth, woman2woman, welcome, hospitality, set up, snow removal, gardening, etc  Come, ask, get connected.  


What if I have questions?

If you have questions before you come please email us at [email protected]  But if you come on a Sunday and would like to ask any questions, we have a welcome kiosk in our foyer that is well staffed with helpful people or just ask any of our staff members.  We want to get to know you.