Title: Meeting God At The Tabernacle

Sermon One: An Invitation To His Presence

Exodus 25-30

There are so many things to study about the Tabernacle that we could spend years doing it and still feel that we are just scratching the surface. Our main focus in this series is 'the kids’. Israel would spend forty years in the wilderness so that the adults who lacked the faith to enter the promised land would die off and their children would be the generation that would claim God’s promise. Throughout those years, this second generation would solidify their faith in God by experiencing Him at the Tabernacle. This simple, mobile structure they would encounter every day would define their walk with God and establish a faith that would last for thousands of years.In this series we will look at the joys, opportunities and challenges of having God ‘among us’ as His work continues to be fulfilled through Jesus and His Spirit.




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