Luke 10:38-40
What is your routine?

What is your routine? What are the things in your life that get ongoing attention? What are the essential things that get dropped or forgotten? The truth is that our routine reveals our priorities. Our habits tell a story of who we are. It communicates what is most important as we allocate our minutes, days, and years. In his book, ‘Habits of the Household’ Justin Earley says, “Good or bad, a rut is a rut, and our brains love ruts.” How do we get out of a rut? How do we reevaluate the focus of our days? And most importantly, how do we encounter Jesus in a meaningful way as part of our daily rhythms? This week, we will look at the story of Mary and Martha and what Jesus teaches us about our need to connect with Him despite all the tasks that need to be done. Jesus is not another task. He doesn’t want to be on an empty to-do list. Encountering Him is the spiritual practice that we need in every season of life. Please pray for Pastor Steve and the team as they prepare the service.