Mark 1:16-20
Do we need friends?

I see your posts on social media, but I don’t really know you! Send me a friend request or follow me! These words and actions have become normative in our culture and, at times, have even replaced face to face connections. We may have more online friends than ever before, yet the rates of depression, loneliness, and anxiety are the highest in human history. Do we have true friendships that we can share life with? Do we have community in which we are serving and loving one another well? Do we know how to celebrate the victories and share in the sorrows of the people God has placed in our life? This week Pastor Steve will continue our ‘Let’s Go’ sermon series and is going to be looking at the life of Jesus and how He made friends. Gospel transformation does not happen on its own; it happens as Jesus invites others into a relationship and experience Him in togetherness. Please pray that many will take the next step of following Jesus by facilitating or joining a Small Group. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!