Series: Better Together
Title: Healing
Scripture: Mark 2

This Sunday, we are on Part 4 of our new “Better Together” sermon series and will be talking about healing.

Do you need a breakthrough right now? Do you know how to access the promises of God, so you can break down the walls that keep you and others from Jesus? Can you identify brick by brick, the things that are holding you back? Can you see the layers? It may be tiers of crippling fear, anxiety, isolation, addiction, pride, judgment, past hurts, or doubt. It may be the constant struggle to love others. Do you need a breakthrough?

We have been given the keys to a spiritual breakthrough. We don’t have to stand and stare at the insurmountable barrier that separates us from the healer. Are we aware enough to exercise our faith and go to Jesus?  Healing also happens as we share our lives and His hope with one another. God calls us to “move in and do as He, the Great Physician, would do” when we encounter people who are hurting by helping them move toward spiritual health. As we help each other tear down the walls by bringing or even carrying others to Christ, we realize we are better together.