Scripture: Matthew 9:9-13

This Sunday, we are on Part 3 of our new “Better Together” sermon series and will be talking about doing mission together.

Does your story invite people into friendship so they can see Jesus? Does the story of your life and home reflect the gospel? Has your plot of life been reshaped by knowing Jesus? Does your routine include living out the mission of God?

What do you need to leave behind? Maybe it’s your past, your self-absorbed lifestyle, maybe it’s your hate, the lies that you are worthless, your lustful thoughts, or your safe comfortable routine. As a result of encountering Jesus, we need to take major steps to make our life more about Jesus and less about ourselves. Once we have encountered Jesus, He calls us to Missio Dei.

Jesus is showing us that we can express our life through Him. It’s an invitation to embrace God’s living vision. It’s a mission of discovery, healing, and hope. As you are going to see, a heart changed by Jesus is compelled to live out His mission. When we are changed by Christ, the story of God interjects with our story. We are going to see how this happens in the book of Matthew.

Jesus is calling us to live on mission which is better together!