Scripture: John  13:12-15

This Sunday, we are on Part 2 of our new “Better Together” sermon series and will be talking about the necessity of serving together.

The anthem of current culture calls us to find ourselves, be true to ourselves, and care for and love ourselves. We are told that it’s the primary building block for a full, healthy life. This individualistic influence can be subtle and even seem “Christian-like.” However, our compulsion to focus on ourselves keeps us from serving and experiencing His joy.

This week, we will see how Jesus corrects our self-centred perspective by asking us to wash each other’s feet. This act, through Christ, curbs our “me” focused tendencies and turns that energy around as we humbly go low to serve others. Jesus shows us that one can’t wash others’ feet or have your feet washed from a distance. We grow by developing relationships and serving one another in togetherness. It makes life meaningful. It’s the best use of our lives. It proves that we belong to Christ.

We are better together!