Every Day Discipleship
"In this text Paul instructs us to set our hearts and minds on things above where Christ is seated. This speaks to our desires and thoughts. I think it parallels Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 6:33.
Building on that general principle he then tells us what not to do—live according to the old life (vss. 5-10). We are to put off this old life like dirty clothes. What we are to do is put on the clean clothes of the new life (vss. 12-14). I’m concluding with 6 instructions from vss 15-17 which answer the question, “How are we to live out our discipleship in the contemporary world?”
  1. Be a person of peace
  2. Be constantly thankful
  3. Fill your mind with the word of Christ
  4. Teach and encourage others
  5. Worship God throughout the day
  6. Do everything for God"

- Pastor David Lee