Adrian Moskal
May 6, 2018
Adrian Moskal
Community and Outreach Pastor


Luke 10:25-37

"...Faith involves more than mental assent to theological doctrines. Similarly, love is not just an emotion but also an action. Both entail an obedient trust in the God of grace and mercy. The response of love to God and of faith in God are very much the same. Salvation is by grace through faith, but this faith works through love....

If you put your trust in Christ knowing he loves you and gave himself for you, then Jesus can begin to change your stony stubborn heart and give you a tender responsive heart. If you put your trust in Christ, you will begin to love others the way that Christ loves them.

As you trust him more and more, your love for others will grow and grow. And others will see it as radical love and you will just see it as love that you have experienced from Christ already."