Jeff  Germo
April 22, 2018
Jeff Germo
Lead Pastor


Luke 3:1-18

Our job now is to not get distracted from our main job of pointing people to Jesus. John the Baptist and Jesus lived in much crazier times than we do. John did not get distracted. Neither did Jesus. Please do not forget what our main focus is. We are ambassadors of Jesus in everything we say and do.

And above all, God is calling us to get our hearts right. Like we said last week, we are all called to repent of the hardness of our hearts. That is what John the Baptist’s main message was. It was a general call to everyone to stop pointing their fingers at others and make sure that their hearts were right with God.

We are called to be lights pointing to Jesus. We are his ambassadors. Let’s get our hearts right and then go out and love those around us with the grace and truth of Jesus.