Jeff  Germo
March 11, 2018
Jeff Germo
Lead Pastor


Daniel 3:1-30

We are going to take a look at three young Jews who walked closely with God. We are going to see their victory. What we won’t see is the struggle it took to get them to the place where they would be willing do what they did.


They did the right thing, came out of the fire unscathed, got promoted, and the king even started to worship God.

It would be easy to conclude from this that if we will just do the right thing, everything will turn out great for us. It doesn’t always happen like that, does it? We know that from experience. Sometimes we do the right thing and we get burned badly.

So, even though, you are going through a very difficult time right now, God has not forgotten you. He says, “In your pain, in your desert experience, in your time of captivity seek me with all your heart and you will find me, and you will find rest for your soul.” That is what he is saying to every single one of us here this morning, no matter what we are going through. Fix your eyes on Jesus.