Adrian Moskal
February 11, 2018
Adrian Moskal
Community and Outreach Pastor


1 Kings 2:13-16, 3:3-15, Phil 2:1-11

Key Point: To Seek God’s Heart We Must Humble Ourselves First. We must be Selfless...Not Selfish

Solomon could have asked for anything, and yet he recognizes God made him King.

Listen to his humility as he describes himself as a ‘little child’. Solomon was young and inexperienced in governmental affairs. Solomon declares Israel as God’s chosen people (humility). He asks for wisdom so that he can govern God’s people because the task is too large for him alone. He is sharing his need of God to accomplish this massive mission that God has given him. Solomon asked for wisdom not for himself but to govern God’s people.....


When our heart lines up with God’s, that is when our prayers get answered. When our heart yearns for the same things that God’s heart yearns for, that is the sweet spot. God also reminds him that he needs to continue to follow God and obey God’s ways.