Jeff  Germo
January 14, 2018
Jeff Germo
Lead Pastor


I Sam 18-19; 31:1-2; 2 Sam 9:1-7; Psalm 37:1-11; Rom 8:31-39

Saul followed his dark heart of jealousy and resentment and it took him to a darker place of destruction. He was tormented. He entertained every thought of jealousy, envy, bitterness and resentment. Each time he had those thoughts he had a choice to indulge them or to take them captive and slay them.


We have a wrong idea that if someone else gets praise or accolades it means there is less for us. We wrongly believe that life is like a pie that’s brought to a party and there are far more people at the party than pieces of pie. Everyone wants a piece, but there is not enough to go around, so we push our way to the front of the line to make sure we don’t get left out.....


There is no greater truth than this: Jesus loves me, this I know. When we truly know that from our hearts it really does change everything.