Jeff  Germo
December 10, 2017
Jeff Germo
Lead Pastor


Isaiah 7:14; 9:6; John 1:1-5,14; Matthew 1

God weaved his story to bring it to this amazing climax where he became like us, a human, born as a vulnerable baby into a very normal, broken family. He would live the perfect sinless life until the age of thirty three when he would give himself as a sacrifice for the sins of the world so we could have life.

That is the unsanitized,  unairbrushed version of the nativity story. It is not neat and clean and pretty, but it is the most exciting story of the greatest rescue mission in the history of the world.

The story begs for a response from us. It asks, “What will we make of Jesus?” Will you make him your Saviour and Lord and place your trust fully in him?