Jeff  Germo
November 12, 2017
Jeff Germo
Lead Pastor


Joshua 1-4

So, in our passage we have Rahab, the Gentile prostitute, who sees that Yahweh is a God who is different than all the other so called gods that her people worshipped. She laid herself at the mercy of the one true God and he willingly saved her and used her to something great. That is a great story.

You may be here thinking that God couldn’t use you. You might be thinking that you don’t have any great gifts, or that you are too shy or fearful. Or you may think that you have a history that is less than stellar and makes you somehow unusable to God. That is so untrue. We have many stories at CRBC of God taking people who have those same kinds of feelings about themselves and God has taken them, healed them, and has given them something meaningful to do in his kingdom.

I am an example of that. I have a history of lots of failure and well into my adult years I thought God would pass me over because I wasn’t good enough. The beautiful thing for all of us is that, just like Rahab and the people of Israel, it doesn’t depend on our stellar histories. It doesn’t depend on us at all, except that we need to throw ourselves at the mercy of a God who is gracious and will accept and use anyone who takes refuge in him.

That is an amazing truth that we can learn through Rahab. But, it’s not even the most exciting part of her story. If you follow her genealogy you see something pretty fantastic.