Jeff  Germo
October 8, 2017
Jeff Germo
Lead Pastor


Exodus 1:1-2-10

Since the Fall, God has been up to something. From the call of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to Joseph being sold as a slave by his brothers, and rising through the ranks in Egypt where God could use him to save the rest of his family, to the call of Moses to free Israel from slavery, so God could continue his story with them and use them to bless all the nations of the world, and so on and so on and so on, we see God purposefully at work with his plan of restoring his shalom back to creation.

The story continues to this day. God has not stopped writing his story. He is up to something. He is now calling us at Campbell River Baptist Church to be a part of his greater story to reconcile humankind back to himself and to each other.