John 20:24-29


In order for our faith to grow and mature we have to be willing to challenge some of the comfortable areas of our faith. Over time we develop perspectives, and those perspectives affect the way we view and interact with those around us. It’s essential for us to continually draw near to the core of our faith.

...Raw faith. Christ restores our souls, so that we can be involved in the supernatural next step—sharing with our neighbors. Sometimes, faith is that simple. We want to complicate matters though. We want to ask Christ who our neighbor is, and we want to join in cerebral debates about the tension between faith and works. There is a real danger that exists at the end of this road and the danger is that of busyness and fruitless faith. We engage in conversation, we overthink, and we can take time to do this, but we can’t seem to figure out how to find time to show concern or build relationship with our neighbor.....