Colossians 1:15-23
The Supremacy of Christ

Paul leaves no room for error in Colossians 1.  There is nothing that was not created by Jesus.  All things, whether we see them or not were created by him.  Things in the spiritual world and the things in the material world were all created by Jesus, and he is sovereign over them.  He was the agent in the creation process.

Not only was everything created by him, but Paul says it was also created for him – that means you and me.  We were created for Jesus.  As human beings we have a tendency towards believing that we are our own men, or our own women.  And we try to use God for our purposes instead of the other way around.  

How many of us haven’t appealed to God for success in our endeavours under the guise that he will get the glory.  “God make me successful in my business so you will get the glory.”  Is that really our motivation in wanting to be successful?  Maybe, but not likely.  

We were created for him, which means that every day when we wake up, before we put our feet on the floor, we should ask him to make us sensitive to how he wants to use us on that day.  “Jesus, I am yours.  You bought me with a great price.  Show my how to live my life for you today.” 

If Jesus really is supreme we will never be satisfied until we allow him to reign over our lives.