Zechariah 7-8; Matthew 13:1-23; The One Anothers

This is the last sermon in our series on The Parable of the Soils. Today we will look at what God's purpose is for us.

Each of us will one day die, and if we have trusted Jesus we will join him in heaven. Or he will return before we die and take to heaven those who trust that his death paid the penalty for their sins.

The thing that is so easy to do is to stay stuck there and think this is all there is. The easy and very lazy thing for us to do is to think that God saved you simply so you would be saved — end of story. You have your ticket to heaven. That’s all that matters. Now you can just coast and wait passively for Jesus.

That is so far from the truth. If we live like that we aren’t really living. There will be no growth. The Gospel, or the Good News of Jesus goes much  deeper than “Jesus died for my sins so I could go to heaven when I die.”

God saved us to give us purpose — now. We have a reason for existing — now. He gives us meaning — now. He did not save us so we could just passively wait until we die so we can one day join Jesus in heaven. The Gospel is much more far-reaching than that. We get to be a part of what he is doing. What could be more exciting than that.