Matthew 13:1-23

In this parable, Jesus describes four soil conditions, using them as metaphors for the spiritual hearts of those Jesus was trying to reach with his Gospel. And let me just remind you again, the Gospel is not just for those who don’t know Jesus. The Gospel, or the Good News of Jesus is for everyone; me, you, and those outside the walls of this church.

In this sermon, we are going to look only at one of the soil conditions, the shallow, rocky soil.

When your faith is tested by some kind of difficulty, you can let anxiety take over and give up in despair. You can get bitter and angry and not grow from it. Or, you can keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, persevere through it, ask him what you can learn from the trial and come out the other end more mature.

This is the only way we mature. In order to grow we need to be stretched. We need difficulties in our lives so we can exercise our faith muscles. We will never grow if we are always comfortable. 

Listen to this sermon and discover how you can grow through the stuff you are facing right now.