Matthew 13:1-23

This parable is about the condition of our hearts and our receptivity to the rule of Jesus in our lives. Jesus describes four soil conditions corresponding to the spiritual condition of our hearts. 

Each week for the next four weeks we are going to flesh out each of these conditions and what Jesus is calling us to, and how to get unstuck from the things that keep us from flourishing as followers of Jesus. 

Jesus is not trying to force us do things to make us unhappy. He is not calling us to live miserable lives. He is calling us to the life we’ve always wanted. He’s calling us to let him break the chains that keep us from living the life. He is calling us to perfect freedom, governed by the law of love. His love. He wants us to be so captured by his love that every fear, all anxiety, all bitterness and resentment, any angry thought would be swallowed up by his immense love.

This parable of Jesus is for everyone. What Jesus wants to do with each of us over the next few weeks is get us unstuck in whatever is keeping us from fully living the kingdom-kind-of-life that Jesus has called us to.