Joshua 3

The main theme in the book of Joshua is the power of God working through a people who are courageously, in the face of fear, committed to doing things God’s way, and which, at times, did not make sense. Sometimes, as we see with the story of Gideon, God will reduce our numbers to show without a doubt that he, not some great human leader, is the protagonist in the story. The protagonist in this story is not Joshua, but God. The protagonist in my story and in your story also is God, not me nor you. There is a tension God has called us to live in. We are uncomfortable with that because we don’t like mystery. We want resolution. We want all the answers. We want all “our ducks in a row.” God sometimes, though, asks us to leave the land familiarity and walk forward into the unknown, knowing that he is going ahead of us into the “Promised Land.” That makes an exciting story and we get to be a part of it. Woohoo!