James 5:13-18

James says that the prayer of faith will save the sick person. What does that mean? Whose faith does the prayer of faith refer to? Is it the faith of the pray-er, or the faith of the one being prayed for? I have counselled many people who have struggled with illness of one kind or another who have been told by well-meaning Christians that the reason they are not getting healed is that they don’t have enough faith. And then they walk around with a guilt complex feeling like a substandard Christian because they don’t have the right amount faith to receive healing from their heavenly Father who is supposed to love them. I 've heard of many other stories of people who live in shame because someone told them the reason they aren’t healed is because of their sin. Jesus reprimanded his disciples for doing that in John 9. Sometimes that might be the case, but we are not the judge. God still hears us today. He is a God who speaks. And the Bible says he is above all a God who is a God who rescues.