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CRBC Sunday Service

December 13, 2020


On behalf of the Staff, and Board at Campbell River Baptist Church, we would like to welcome you and thank you for connecting with us today.

If you know someone who is not receiving our weekly newsletters and would like to, please encourage them to do so by calling into the office (250) 287-8831 or go directly to the website.

We are so thankful that you have continued to be the Church in so many ways each and every week!! We are the Church. Our worship of God is not confined by the walls of our building. We cannot give up gathering (Hebrews 10:23-25a), we cannot stop loving, we cannot stop giving, we cannot stop growing.

We have an opportunity to serve our faith community here in Campbell River and we want to provide you and your family with resources to stay connected to God’s word and to each other during this time. 

Please use this Order of Service as a springboard to start your time of worship this morning.

God Bless


Offering links/ways to give

We are called to honor and worship God with all areas of our life. This includes resources such as our time and finances. We would like to take the opportunity to point you towards some of our online giving options such as and e-transfers

The link to is:

Drop off a Cheque:

  • The office is open Mon-Fri 9-4 and we would love to see you



  • To use the a debit/credit card come into the office during office hours.


Series: The Other Birth Narratives

Galatians 4:4 "but when the time had fully come, God sent his Son..."

Title: In The Nick Of Time 

Have you ever arrived at an important meeting right on the dot?  Have you ever had a problem and someone came along just at the right time to give you a hand and create a solution? Jesus was born into our world, the Bible says, "in the nick of time."



Children’s Ministry

Below is a list of children’s resources that you can use to lead your family or small group gathering.  



God with us

God sent Jesus to earth so we could understand God. Jesus was human like us so we would feel more comfortable with his presence. God was with us then and is still with us. 

Try asking yourself, who is with you right now? Maybe your mom, grandpa, brother, sister or cat. God is also with you.

Try finding different tasks around the house which are difficult to do alone. Decorating your Christmas tree at the very top can be hard. Having your Dad help you might make it easier. The same for how God is with you in life. It is easier with God. 

And God made it easier to see and understand Him by sending His son Jesus to earth.


As an activity, make a bracelet that you can wear and remind yourself of God and how he sent Jesus to us, so we can understand Him and have a relationship with Him. 

You can make a bracelet with whatever supplies you have at home. 

  1. Some ways are with string. You could braid it or find a fun design on YouTube! 
  2. You can get paper, scissors, glue and felts. Use your imagination and create a bracelet with a strip of paper.
  3. Or you can get pipe cleaners and beads. Push the beads onto the pipe cleaners or twist a few colors together.


For the Advent season we will just have one story for both Preschool and Elementary kids. We hope you enjoy it! We had lots of fun creating it for you.


CLICK HERE for a Fun Christmas Playlist

Preschool Songs:

Below is a playlist with a bunch of songs that we have done for you to listen to if you wish.

CLICK HERE for Preschool Spotify Playlist

Elementary Songs:

Below is a playlist with a bunch of songs that we have done for you to listen to if you wish.

CLICK HERE for Elementary Spotify Playlist

Ideas to serve in our community

Over the next few weeks, we will want to be both proactive and creative in how we maintain our community while still being wise about our health. There are many people within our body of believers here at CRBC and many more in our community who may find it difficult to get the supplies they need, day in and day out.

We would like to help facilitate during this time and we ask that you call into or email the CRBC office and provide us your name and number if:

  • For a health-related reason, you are unable to leave your residence to go shopping or get the resources that your family needs      
    • Or
  • You are healthy and able to go shopping/run errands for someone in need