Leora Sawatzky
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For a long time we have been calling our Sunday morning children's ministry Christ's Kids. As of September 9th, we will be changing all of Sunday morning ministry to Rooted Kids.  After praying and wondering what God could have in store for us in children's ministry, now felt like the time to embrace in a larger, more visual way, the direction God has been gently guiding us for the last few years. 

Colossians 2:6&7 have been our guideposts to remind us what we are all about in children's ministry at CRBC.  It's where we come back to when we feel lost or when we want to start something new.  As we pondered a name change, we went to our guideposts to remind us what we are called to. 

And now, just as you accepted Christ Jesus as your Lord, you must continue to follow him.  Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness. - Colossians  2:6 & 7

These verses are such a beautiful picture of our journey to becoming, as our church mission statement says, "....committed followers of Jesus Christ." 

There is a path that we follow that looks like this:

  • Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord
  • Continue to follow him
  • Grow your roots down deep into him
  • Let your lives be built on him 


  • Your faith will grow strong - the truth you were taught
  • You will overflow with thankfulness 

In children's ministry, we see ourselves as root builders.  We create space for children to learn about who God is and what He is like.  We tell God's story from the Bible over and over again, so that they may know the truth about who God is, no matter what happens in and around their lives.  Our prayer is that their roots will grow down deep, so that their faith will grow strong, based on the truth they were taught - so that they will overflow with thankfulness.  

Rooted Kids was chosen as a name to remind us daily what we are about.  We are about creating space for God to build roots into hearts, so that we may know the depth of his love for us and the truth of who He is and what He is like.  

Right from the beginning, trees have held significance in the relationship between God and people. One tree in the garden held the knowledge of good and evil and one tree was the tree of life.  God uses trees throughout scripture to protect, teach, establish a place to remember, to build homes and so much more. Noah’s ark was built of Gopher Wood, the Temple was out of Cedar Trees, and so much more, the psalmists and the prophets all use trees in different ways to talk about our relationship with God.  In children’s ministry, our vision is to create space where children, teens, and adults can come and find a space to hear and experience God’s love and truth in hopes that as they grow their roots will grow down deep into God’s love and truth.

Our new age groups names are:

  • Seedlings: Ages 0-2.5
  • Saplings: Ages 2.5- Kinder 
  • Cedars: Grades 1-2
  • Mighty Oaks: Grades 3-5 
  • The Bridge: Grades 6-8 (new leadership development group, starting mid-fall)