Mike and Karen work with Power To Change and became involved with student ministry while at university. There they gained a heart for the Great Commission and for the impact that university students can have upon their world as they give their lives to Christ. Mike has worked with Power to Change since 1997 and Karen, since 1996.   They spent time in East Asia working with university students there to help build movements of Christ-centered followers who would grow, share their faith and in turn teach others.  Now, they reside in Saskatoon where they share Jesus with international students and help Christian students develop as disciples of Jesus.

Mike and Karen married in 2003 and now have 4 boys, Elijah - 11, Isaak - 9, Zachary - 6, and Joseph 3.

Here are two students who have been involved with us.  The video segments show us having int'l students in our home.

Cherise: https://vimeo.com/405939507

Paul: https://vimeo.com/405578552

Andy Smits, P2C Students National Director Vision: https://vimeo.com/396532127  (1:40)