Mark and Catherine continue serving in Vancouver with Fellowship International. 
Catherine is the administrator of New Hope Child Care which is a ministry of Faith Fellowship Baptist Church. 
Mark’s is involved in mentoring and discipling with the goal of “Making Disciples Who Make Disciples” in a highly multi-cultural setting. 
During COVID a lot of this happens through Zoom and telephone calls. 
Some mentees assist Mark with making and or delivering chili in the East Vancouver Neighborhood (using strict COVID protocols). To date, over 800 meals have been served to 250 + different families or individuals. The goal is not just to provide a meal, but rather to BUILD COMMUNITY in difficult times. The results of these interactions have been amazing, proving that God is not limited by a pandemic.   
If you would like to hear more or share stories or prayer requests, please feel free to call me at (778) 321-8481.  We would love to hear from you.