The Bakkens are serving with Ethnos Canada to establish mature churches in ethnic language groups that are strangers to the gospel of salvation by faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ. They've spent four years in a certain country in Asia Pacific learning language and culture and supporting their interior church-development teams with practical, hands on support needs.

On their second term, Duane became bed-ridden with the tropical disease, chikungunya, forcing their return home in 2019. The Lord has since graciously restored Duane's health and strength and they are eager to return to the field. 

We greatly appreciate the individuals and churches, specifically my home church, Campbell River Baptist, for standing with us in prayer, financial support and encouragement. We are here as an extension of this church, and though we are focussed on the goals near to us, we are happy to connect in creative ways with you who are far away that the pulse of missions may continue to be felt strong there as well.
THANK YOU so much!