Duane & Dawn Bakken

We are serving with New Tribes Mission in a certain country in Asia Pacific, with team support, and in cooperation with the national church, to plant a church in an unreached people group with it's own unique language - a language without God's word, without His gospel of grace, and without means to get either. Establishing a mature church in this context will take about 15 to 20 years, involve learning two new languages, and mean living with our team in a remote location with the tribal people. In 2015 we are in the beginning stages, learning the national language.  Next we will move to a specific region of the country to finish learning the national language, form a team, and discover the tribal location where we will serve. 
We greatly appreciate the individuals and churches, specifically my home church, Campbell River Baptist, for standing with us in prayer, financial support and encouragement. We are here as an extension of this church, and though we are focussed the goals near to us, we are happy to connect in creative ways with you who are far away that the pulse of missions may continue to be felt strong there as well. THANK YOU so much!