What is a Growth Group?  

A growth group is  group of 10-20 people that learn to live as family, make disciples of one another and those that God has placed among them, and live intentional lives on mission.  We look at the sermon that was preached on the previous Sunday and unpack it and apply it to our lives.  Our goal is for Jesus to change each one of us.  

For a link to our sermon page that includes audio and video, click here: Sermons

Who and how can I join?  

Anyone can join one of our Growth Groups.  Our goal is each person at CRBC will join a growth group.  You just have to have the desire to share life together.  Our Growth Groups meet in homes all over the city on different nights of the week.  We have signups in September, January and March and you can or you can email us here: Growth Group Signup  

 Why Join a Growth Group?

They are the best way to get connected and grow in your faith.  We learn how to live like family, be on mission, and grow in Christ. So if you are looking for community, to explore your faith, or to grow in what it means to follow Christ, this is how we do it.