Freedom Session

Welcome to an Amazing Spiritual Adventure

The Introductory class for our next Freedom Session will be in September 2018.

 Freedom Session is . . . 

  • a place to be heard
  • a place to feel loved
  • a place to find healing

FREEDOM SESSION is a Christ centered healing journey designed to help move you from areas in your life where you feel stuck to greater levels of freedom and hope.

What Makes Freedom Session Unique:

FS is uncompromisingly biblical - and relises on the healing power of Jesus Christ and the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

FS has created its own 12 Step process -  that accurately reflects the message of Jesus. Our goal is not recovery, but emotional and relational healing.

FS is for everyone and deals with the issues people are struggling with -  it uncovers the deeper heart issues that cause people to seek escape through pornography, TV, food, performance, fantasy, people pleasing, isolation, or alcohol/drugs.

FS brings hope into depression, past failures and sexual wounds -  through abuse ot promiscuity. Churches don't need separate programs for every area of hury, wound or addictions.

FS is an excellent "bridge" -  for those who have attended recovery programs and are ready for the next step.

FS is transferable and had proven effective - across denominational lines. Christ's intent is for all to walk in freedom and healing.