Freedom Session is...

     • A place to be heard

     • A place to be loved

     • A place to find freedom and healing

FREEDOM SESSION is a Christ centered healing journey designed to help move you from areas in your life that you would like to change to greater levels of freedom and hope. Freedom Session is re-writing your story with a different ending.

FREEDOM SESSION has created it's own 12 Step process that focuses on discipleship and emotional and relational healing.

FREEDOM SESSION is for everyone dealing with issues relating to relationships, perfectionism, people pleasing, addiction, drepression, healing from abuse, and workaholism.

FREEDOM SESSION crosses all denominational lines. Christ's desire is for all to walk in freedom and healing. It is for those who are skeptical about Christianity, long time Christians, and those desiring to experience God in a new way.

FREEDOM SESSION runs 28 weeks - Start Date is Sept 18, 2023. The registration closes for Freedom Session in Nov for the duration of the 28 weeks.

There are three workbooks (Book 1 - Session 1-10, Book 2 - Session 11-20, Book 3 - Session 21-28). Workbooks are $25 each and payable at the start of each book.

For more information:

     • Contact Directors  June Spelay (250-895-1527) or Brian Down (250-204-0212), or email [email protected]

     • Visit the website