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Greetings on behalf of Ngorika Children's Home (NCH)!

NCH is one of the ministries that CRBC supports. In addition, several monthly sponsors and prayer warriors from CRBC are on our team. We have had a few major developments with respect to Ngorika in the past few months that we want to update everyone on. 

As of August 1st of this year, NCH is now under the parent umbrella  organization of ICMS, International Christian Mission Services. We relocated simply due to a change in focus of Africa Inland Mission (AIM), whom we were formerly under. AIM chose to focus primarily on unreached people groups. Since NCH is designated as a humanitarian ministry, we needed to find a new home. After much prayer, searching and consultation, we settled on our new home of ICMS, for which we are very grateful! You can take a look at their website, and check them out... You will also find our information on their website, along with a link to our own website,

And that is our second noteworthy bit of news--we are stepping out into the world-wide-web and praying that the Lord will bring more people to us who are interested in making a difference in the lives of our kids at NCH, who are some of the most vulnerable children in the world. Go and take a look at our website for yourself. You might be surprised to find stories (blog posts) by some people from CRBC who have been to NCH and the impact it had in their lives. 

In addition, if you would like to learn more about Ngorika Children's Home, come out on Saturday evening, November 14th, 7PM to the CRBC Fellowship Hall. We are holding our annual Updater night, at which time we will fill you in on the latest NCH news. This year, Mark Buhler will also speak. Mark is one of the original founders of Ngorika, formerly of CRBC and spent about 25 years in Kenya as a missionary. He and his wife, Catherine, now have a ministry to refugees in Vancouver. 

Thanks for taking the time from your busy day to take a look at our news. We hope to see you on November 14th! 

Jan Ness

Ngorika Children's Home Advisory Board