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Last Week's Service

Daily Reminders | A Spiritual Walk through Prayer and Meditation | Brian Down
Alpha at CRBC
Starting Soon!

Do you or someone you know have questions about Christianity? Do you want to learn more but are afraid to ask? Alpha is a program that creates a space to explore the foundations of Christianity without pressure. It allows those who are seeking to ask questions, and draw a little closer. We are starting up Alpha very soon at our church, and you can register today. Click the button below to learn more! 

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Our New Vision

Our New Vision is "Equipping people to take the next step with Jesus, transforming our lives and our community!” 

What is a vision? A vision clarifies the direction. It’s where we are going as a church.  

Why this vision? It’s from Ephesians 4:12, which says, “to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ.” We believe that means we can all be involved in taking the next step with Jesus. As we move towards Jesus, our lives and our community are transformed.

How? Vision becomes a reality as we build it brick by brick and step by step. Click below for more information. 

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