June  Spelay
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Diego & Claudia Cardona, church planters in Colombia supported by CRBC through FEB, were at CRBC this past Sunday, October 20 sharing about their ministry. 

Many had the opportunity to hear Diego speak and get to know them as a couple.  Diego spoke in the Chapel at 9 am Sunday specifically about their experiences as church planters in Colombia and what God is doing through their ministry.  In the morning worship service, Diego spoke on the parable of the Wedding Feast; which was the last message in the Living by Kingdom Values series.  We enjoyed one more opportunity to get acquainted with the Cardonas at the potluck lunch after the service.  Approximately 125 people had the opportunity to ask questions about their ministry in Colombia.  Diego shared the devastation and what they are doing to help the people recover from years of control by the drug cartel in Colombia.