Jennifer Bird
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Hello dear brothers, sisters, & friends,

We have already received many beautiful Christmas cards and letters from churches and some of you, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  We appreciate to have your news and for keeping in touch, especially at Christmas time.  What a beautiful season it is - because of our Lord Jesus Christ! 

Attached is our Christmas Newsletters - for news, praises and prayers!

May our Lord bless your Christmas celebrations richly. We do have a wonderful Savior, so let's worship, rejoice and proclaim this Good News! May God continue to bless you in 2019. 

We are grateful for your faithful partnership with us for the sake of the Gospel in Poland - may the Lord remember your prayers and your kindness.

Merry Christmas!   A Happy, Blessed Year 2019!

Pierre & Hanna Jutras, & Timothy and Rachelle
The Fellowship, International Ministries
Warsaw, Poland

P.S.  We have included both the PDF version and the Word version of the newsletter, just in case if you had any problem with either one of them. Please let us know if you need any help. or would like more information about our work in Poland.