Rod & Donna Black

Rod and Donna Black have served with Fellowship International since 1982. The majority of their time was spent in Pakistan working in church planting and resource development. In order to be nearer to Rod's father, they relocated to Drumheller, Alberta in 2011.

Rod now divides his time between developing media resources for the Sindhi church in Pakistan, traveling back to that country to facilitate the printing of materials and recording of film scripts. He often participates in training nationals as well.  While in Canada, he acts as a resource person for Fellowship International with the goal of empowering churches to connect with their new Canadian neighbours.

Together, Rod and Donna are making connections with the various Pakistani and other new Canadian families in Drumheller as well as serving in the local church.

Current address:  201 16th Street NW
                          Drumheller, Alberta T0J 0Y1

                          Tel:  403 823 4341