Luc & Denise Tetreault

Luc was born into a close-knit, Catholic, Franco- Ontarian family, the eldest of three brothers. His grandfather's example as a man of the Word provided the foundation for Luc's conversion in 1979. It was his then friend, Denise, who shared the Gospel with him and shattered his idea that a heavier percentage of good works over bad, would pave his way to heaven. In 1982, he and Denise were married.

They are founding member of Bon Berger Church in Orléans, Ontario. In 1983, Luc became a member of the church council and served as primary worship leader, Sunday School teacher and eventually as lay pastor-elder.

Since 1981, Luc has been working in the area of Healthcare, initially as a pathologist assistant in Ottawa but also in Kosovo and Bosnia with the United Nations assisting with the investigation of war crimes and training local professionals in forensic medicine. From 2003 to 2013, he held several healthcare leadership positions in the Ottawa region.

In 2009, he felt God calling him to serve in a different capacity. It was then that he was introduced to the challenge of Pakistan and the ministry of Shikarpur Christian Hospital (SCH).

Denise grew up in Chelmsford, near Sudbury, Ontario, the eighth of nine children. She was raised in a devout Catholic home. During her first year at the University of Ottawa she was exposed to the Bible for the first time, and in 1979 was led to the Lord by a Christian girlfriend and began attending the Baptist church in Hull and witnessing about her faith at every opportunity—including with Luc.

Her conviction about her own personal call to ministry in Pakistan took a bit longer than Luc's but by June 2010, the Lord had convinced her that this was as much His calling on her life as it was on her husband's.

Luc and Denise served at the Shikarpur Christian Hospital since 2013.

Luc and his wife Denise were appointed as Fellowship International missionaries in 2011. Luc served as CEO of the Shikarpur Christian Hospital and as Field Chairman for our organization in Pakistan. He previously has held several healthcare leadership positions in the Ottawa area. He also served in Kosovo for the United Nations as the capacity program manager for the medical examiner's office.

Luc began his role as Associate Director for Fellowship International in September 2016. His role is to support our 60 plus deployed missionaries and to assist the Fellowship International Director in implementing the department's strategic goals. They now live in Guelph, Ontario.