First Story Ministries - A Ministry of Ethnos Canada

Serving the North American Church by Equipping & Teaching

After a week of meetings with the FirstStory Ministries leadership team, we were overwhelmed by the opportunities and the needs that God is putting in our paths. There are still areas in Canada among our aboriginal people where there is no church and no believers.

Although the needs are overwhelming, God is not overwhelmed. After seeking God’s wisdom, we have identified three areas in Canada that we would like to send church planting teams to start. We are so excited that we have families who are preparing for this task. We are blessed to be able to be a part of preparing and sending them. But still more are needed, please pray that the Lord will raise up more labourers for the task of reaching Canada’s aboriginal people.

Pieces are falling into place and we are receiving more clarity in our roles with FirstStory Ministries. God has also made it clear that our ministry is best done near the missions head office. So, it looks like we will be in Durham for awhile. As a family we are trying to find our new normal. Trying to figure out the balance of life, ministry and family. There have been so many changes and new routines it’s hard to know what normal is anymore. But we are so blessed to see God’s faithfulness through all the transitions. We continue to follow His leading knowing that He will take care of us every step of the way. Thank you for your continued prayers for our family.