What is a Small Group?  

A small group is a gathering of people who pursue spiritual growth and mission together.  

They are a group that views themselves as the family of God sent to live out his mission intentionally. Not only do they meet regularly to spiritually grow together, they also assemble to be on mission in our city.

Who and how can I join?  

Anyone can join one of our small groups.  Our goal is for each person at CRBC will join a small group.  You just have to have the desire to share life together.  During this season we have many groups that meet at various times and in various rooms in the church building.  Typically we encourage groups to meet in homes, however that isn't always a possiblity right now. If you'd like to join a group email: [email protected]

 Why Join a Small Group?

Small Groups are the best way to get connected and grow in your faith.  We learn how to live like family, be on mission, and grow in Christ. So if you are looking for community, to explore your faith, or to grow in what it means to follow Christ, this is how we do it.      

To join a group please contact Leora at [email protected]